Walnut Grove

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    Among the cool Willow Trees and tall Eucalyptus, lays the charming historical town of Walnut Grove still reminiscent of early days on the banks of The Sacramento River.  The original storefront building fronts line the street, looking out upon the river.  The town offers lots of history of the immigration to the area with areas of the town influenced by the Chinese and Japanese cultures.  Surrounded by vast land of thriving agriculture.  Most of the structures are the original standing buildings in the town.  Walking tours, photography opportunities, galleries and shops, restaurants and near by local wineries are some of the great things to enjoy on the delta.  The nearby waterways in Walnut Grove provide an endless source of relaxation and recreation; from fishing to water-skiing, catching cool delta breezes to leisure rides to view the local wildlife in their natural habitat.  Consumnes River Preserve and Staten Island Preserve are popular wildlife viewing areas of this delta region.  Walnut Grove is located 30 miles south of Sacramento, 30 miles north of Stockton, and 70 miles northeast of San Francisco Bay area.

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 Walnut Grove Iron Works 2018